Elevate offers are range of pay per click consulting and management services that cover all types of paid media campaigns. From basic AdWords audits through to fully managed PPC campaigns. Using AdWords is the fastest way to get your business on the front page of Google while people are looking for specific products and services. If your business is looking for google AdWords help then Elevate’s team of Google certified partners can help. We often help a range of different businesses looking to upgrade from Google AdWords express or to move towards an entirely new AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords Management

We can place your website at the forefront of search engine results pages and on content publishers websites during specific times with our business tailored AdWords management packages.

Elevate want to identify and pinpoint your customers and how to best reach them. Whether your business has a local or global focus, we have the knowledge and passion to help your business stand out online. Our leading PPC and AdWords managers have helped generate countless amounts of traffic for businesses ready to make an impact on the digital landscape, reaping the benefits offline as well.

Banner Advertising

People have a short attention span on the internet, it’s no secret to any digital marketing agency. Elevate understand this and therefore create engaging adverts that speak directly to your customers. Elevate uses a wide range of remarketing technologies that allow us to provide industry-leading retargeting via banner advertising. What this means is our banner ads are tailored to the search results of your customer base, showing them the websites they are more likely to visit, more often.

Elevate Dynamic Retargeting campaigns help drive sales for your business, intelligently converting users with dynamic, personalised ads.

This is achieved by:

  • Accurately recommending the best offer from the entire product catalog (resulting in significant sales from products and categories not viewed previously). We’re able to identify the products people are most interested in, delivering it to them without the hassle of searching for it. It’s right there, on their screen already.
  • Precisely predicting purchase intent using our anonymous cross-device understanding of an individual’s behaviour across all devices, browsers and app. Seeing as people access the web via different platforms, we compile the data from each to get a comprehensive outlook on their preferences and likelihood of buying. This helps us give them what they want.

Optimising campaign performance by dynamically selecting the creative components that will drive the most engagement from each person. People respond differently to creative ads. What might be fun for someone, is seen as juvenile to another. What might be boring to one person could be informative for someone else. Elevate notice that and create campaigns that are viewer specific.

Email Advertising

Reach your customers where they spend most of their work day, in their email. Every business has the potential to effectively reach their customer base via Dynamic Email Marketing provided by Elevate.

Our marketing solutions cater to all small business needs and allow your business to engage new customers on a daily basis. Keep them informed about the latest your business has to offer, giving them the ease of access to your content a direct email provides.

Elevate Dynamic Email helps turn prospective leads into customers by:

  • Sending personalised emails containing purchase recommendations that are based on prior browsing behaviour. We look at what people are likely to buy and put it at their fingertips.
  • Excluding anyone that may already receive real-time trigger emails from your company as Elevate tailor messages that are consistent with your brand guidelines – across all your devices.

Marketers using our platform have seen average open rates of nearly 30% and average click-through rates of over 25%.

Rest assured, as an industry leader in consumer privacy, this solution adheres to strict user consent and opt-out processes. And in keeping with our performance marketing payment model, you are only billed when someone opens and clicks through. That way your content is a welcome sight for potential customers, rather than an annoyance.

Google Shopping Ads & Campaigns

AdWords Location plot their route in advance, find their local store or even call the store for details, just with a simple AdWords ad extensions

Give your local shoppers the visual location, address and phone number of your store. By including the businesses location with your text ads they can quickly find out where your store is. Give your customers the ability to click.

Google Local Inventory Ads

Make your store accessible. That’s just one requirement of any successful business. Local inventory ads can help you achieve this by showing local shoppers you’ve got what they want in stock. Being told that something is out of stock is infuriating, especially after you’ve put in the hard yards to make your way down to the store. Local inventory ads provide local shoppers with local pricing, click to call, directions to your store — it even helps them access the other items you have in stock.

Google Product Ratings & Reviews

Where would you rather eat? A 5 star restaurant or a 1 star restaurant? The choice is pretty simple. Elevate can help give your shoppers confidence when buying your products by placing ratings and reviews on your ads. Seeing the positive response to your products will subsequently improve the trust they have in you and the product.

Google Trusted Stores

Google is one of the biggest brands in the world and has developed a sense of trust within the online community and beyond. Elevate can help you develop a similar trust with your customers using the Google Trusted Stores Badge. This badge can increase the conversion rate of customers on your site as they realise that your business is one they can be confident in buying from. This is especially good for attracting new customers who are unfamiliar with the marketplace.

Google Merchant Promotions

Get your shoppers to commit to a purchase with merchant promotions. By placing special offers or codes on ads it gives shoppers the extra incentive to make their purchase with your business. Essentially pushing your product over the line when competing in the online marketplace. It also gives shoppers a reason to buy immediately as the promotions won’t last forever.

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Keep them coming back for more. That’s the purpose of dynamic remarketing as you show shoppers products that they have already browsed on your site. This makes them more likely to come back and hopefully the second chance you give shoppers through these ads will result in clinching the deal.