Google AdWords Management.

Here at Elevate, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is our primary inbound marketing tool that we insist all clients implement no matter what lifecycle their business is in. If you’re a startup, Small Business or even enterprise, there’s an Adwords offering which will suit your business.

Using Google Adwords is a great way to speed up your customer’s path to purchase. We funnel them direct to a landing page and control their experience to your desired outcome.

Here at Elevate, we thrive on creating elegant campaigns to match the client’s needs and refine and iterate based on data & analytics.

Google Adwords Experience

We don’t just ensure our Adwords specialists are badged and certified, we ensure everyone is an expert in at least one Adwords specialisation. From our directors all the way to our account managers, when you speak to someone at Elevate, you speak to a certified Adwords specialist.

A team of people who are crazy about Adwords are the people who are reporting, talking and analysing your businesses campaigns? Sounds pretty good!

What you’ll get with Elevate

  • Keyword & Display network research
  • Landing page designs and AB Testing
  • Continual Review & Optimisation
  • Analytics based retargeting
  • In-depth Competitor Research
  • Designing, Launching, Testing
  • Negative keyword management
  • Negative placement on Display Network
  • Geo Targeting per campaign
  • Bid management
  • Conversion & call tracking
  • 24/7 custom reporting dashboard

Tailored messaging and accurate keywords are the base of any great campaign. We work with your business to build a campaign that will make the best use of your budget.

Using keywords and browsing habits allow you to capture consumer attention. Customers searching for your products and services become leads.

Automated Reporting dashboard giving you 24x7 reports to all campaigns, in real time keeping your senior stakeholders happy.

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AdWords FAQs

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It essentially means that you only pay for that ad when a potential customer clicks on your ad.
What is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords is a PPC program run by Google. Google AdWords allows businesses to establish a budget and only pay for the ad when a potential customer clicks on the ad.
When will I start to see results?
Every campaign is different and there are variables that will determine the speed of a campaign’s success (e.g. keyword and ad copy relevance). However, you should be seeing results within the first couple of weeks.
How much does it cost?
One of the perks of Google AdWords is that your budget is flexible. You can funnel a little money into it or a lot of money into it; you set your own budget. If you want to increase your investment in Google AdWords as your campaign gets underway, you can.
Can I manage an AdWords campaign by myself?
You can, but we do not recommend it for a few reasons. Agencies such as Elevate have teams of people who work on AdWords campaigns to shape them from something that might work into something that produces great results. Picking the right keyword and drafting ad copy isn’t as simple as it may sound and there is plenty of research that is conducted behind the scenes to pick the right words and the right combinations. We also track the performance of the ads to determine what is working and what isn’t. Through analysing the data, we can shape and change the campaign to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.
Do I need to regularly manage the AdWords campaign?
The short answer is, yes. We keep a close eye on AdWords campaigns to determine which ads are performing and which are failing to hit the mark. New ad copy and keywords will replace those that performed badly and that is an ongoing process.
Should I Use AdWords express or AdWords?
AdWords works well for some and AdWords Express works well for others. Instead of providing you with a concrete answer we can explain the benefits and downfalls of each.
Both AdWords Express and AdWords: pay only for clicks, show ads on other related websites, cater for mobile ads and target ads geographically. AdWords does not have automated management. AdWords express does not have other advanced format options available (such as video).
AdWords Express is marketed as ideal for people who don’t have much time to look after their online advertising. Google manages is. AdWords alternatively provides you with complete control over your ad campaigns. You have additional access to features and settings that aren’t available for AdWords Express users.
Essentially with Google AdWords you have control over your campaign and can devise keywords and ad copy yourself. AdWords Express gives Google that responsibility and minimises your input.