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Showcase your images in all their glory with Atlantic. Single column WordPress portfolio theme.



Based in Sydney, we’re a team of passionate individuals who believe in the power of photography.

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You’re busy and don’t have time to spend fiddling with code. Atlantic is optimised out of the box so you can focus on what really matters. Your photography.

Beautiful Big Images

Atlantic is a free high res photography blog theme for WordPress it is especially designed for large images and video.

Nearly all aspects of Atlantic are adjustable and it can be used straight out of the box, or as a minimal base for further customization with CSS or the WordPress customiser.

Get precise control over image and video sizes, selectable colours, and fonts.


  • Custom Logos
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Custom Headers
  • Custom Fonts

Full Size Photos

  • Full-Size Photos
  • High Res Images
  • Full Width Videos

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Why do you need Atlantic?

Your photography deserves a beautiful home that lets your images shine. Atlantic is a free and easy solution that lets you focus on what you are best at. Photography.


Jeff makes amazing portraits, but it was hard to stand out in the photography industry. A lack of full-size images did not do his photography any justice. His website was not making it easy to see the amazing images he was capable of making.


Everything changed when Jeff started using Atlantic for his photography portfolio. Atlantic did the heavy lifting for Jeff and allowed him to focus on his job with a distraction free photography portfolio that was optimised out of the box. Jeff started to get more enquiries and was booked out months in advance. He was selling portrait sessions like they were going out of fashion and all his friends complimented him on his images. Atlantic has made Jeff’s life easier with ongoing updates and increasing his ROI which allows him to focus on what he does best – take beautiful photos!

So what makes us tick?

We help customers find their perfect WordPress theme that showcases their special sauce, the one element that can not be replicated by anyone else and then we market it. No cookie cutter themes or plane jane copy cat layouts just hardcore WordPress hustle. Sounds good, right?

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We’re a small team that is passionate WordPress professionals trying to create amazing experiences for our users.
We love working with cool businesses that are trying to make a dent.

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